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★ There is nothing like human translations.

Who has never come across an erroneous automatic translation? Technology cannot replace linguistics: as a matter of fact, automatic translations automatically stick to the source language.
Reft is both the acronym of Reliable English-French Translations and the abbreviation of Reference translation. It is a translation tool – from English to French, and from French to English – suggesting text which has already been translated by human (non-automatic) translators.
Because a human mind is bound to be more subtle than any form of artificial intelligence!

★ ★ Having human translations is a good thing. But if they are selected, that's even better!

What makes the tool special and powerful is the suggestion of human translations which are editorially controlled. Other resources contain a large number of human translations, but of uneven quality as these translations are selected automatically by computer algorithms.
When they come from external sources, Reft's texts are carefully selected. This way, a few remaining inconsistencies may have passed unnoticed, but translation mistakes are much less likely to occur, and the resource is making steady progress.

★ ★ ★ A resource which completes bilingual dictionaries

Canonical translations from bilingual dictionaries put you on the right track, but cannot be always appropriate for what you mean, and the number of example sentences is limited.
Without only considering a few standardized translations, this resource opens access to a greater semantic variety. This way, get inspired from the inventiveness of these original translations, and make your own translation with a well-informed eye.

Tip for use

In order to make the most of this translation tool, your search may be twofold (with the verbs in the infinitive or conjugated forms, the nouns in the singular or plural, in the masculine or feminine forms), or you may also select just one part of your initial search.